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Very cute game! I like the color choices, design, etc! All works well. After the first checkpoint, things get a little weird with the moving platforms. I eventually gave up there.

But overall, a solid game that I enjoyed playing!


I'm really bad at games and I cant finish it but!!!! i really like the art style of it!!! the cat is super cute when it double jumps and does the >w< face. and the colors and the world with the floating rocks with stars/flowers is so nice! with the purple and the sky.... i really like it!!!

Thank you for your feedback, we're really glad you liked our game :D!


Hey, cute platformer. I like the overall look of the game, but there were some things that were bugging me. 

I think generally for pixel art games you want to keep the pixels all the same size. The cat, platforms, and stars all mostly have the same pixel size (Except for some islands that are scaled up). The background and the checkpoint flag have very different sizes.

Another thing that was that the outlines were not super consistent. For example, on two frames of the cat idle animation there's some stray pixels on the bottom of the eyes. Not a huge deal for a jam game, figured I'd mention it anyway!

As far as gameplay goes, I agree with Ran that it gets a bit frustrating after the first checkpoint. There's also a bit of inconsistency with how the character behaves on moving platforms. It's pretty jittery on the up/down ones, and on one of the left/right platforms it wasn't moving my character along with it.


Thank you for the suggestions! In terms of pixel art I will keep that in mind, there were a lot of objects that I resized and consistency should be key. For your second suggestion I really appreciate how you mention the minor detail about the "stray pixels" since it shows me how much people look into the quality of games and will also keep that in mind! And finally for the gameplay I did notice that the part after the checkpoint is very difficult (the checkpoint mechanic itself was a very last minute decision) but since it was a game jam I didn't want to leave it too easy, if we ever do more levels then I'll make sure to not have the difficulty spike as quickly as in this little demo that we made. Once again thanks for your feedback!


What a cute little platformer game you submitted here... In particular I recognize the efforts put to the graphics - very well done.

A couple of suggestions though:

1. The obstacle being a star is fine - but I think it would be even better with something that says "danger" more than a friendly-looking star.

2. The cat's movement is too slow imo. 

3. The difficulty... The tolerance for error seems to be quite slim; it's quite too hard for me. I stopped playing after some pretty hard obstacles after the first checkpoint.

4. I think looping the music so it doesn't reset when the player fails would be better than resetting the music everytime the player fails. It should be as easy as adding DontDestroyOnLoad to the object that manages the music.

Thank you very much for trying out the game and for your feedback! We'll keep those suggestions in mind as we continue improving Flufffy Cat as well as for future projects.